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Product Runway Volume 2

With the end of the month quickly approaching we reached out to Product Runway to find out more about this fabulous event! We were honored with the opportunity to interview Erica Clemeson, Jill Marasigan, Heather Nye, and Ian Stewart from Product Runway's team. If you haven't already be sure to visit Product Runway's website and mark your calendar for another fabulous night of style and entertainment here in Seattle!

Erica, can you describe to us what Product Runway stands for or represents?

Product Runway is first a fabulous party and a chance to be dazzled by the creative talents in the interior and architecture industry in Seattle. The event is a competition among teams of interior designers, architects, and students who have been paired with a product for the industry (carpet, tile, furniture, even plumbing fixtures!). Their challenge is to design and fabricate a couture garment out of the material that is fashionable, stylish, and wearable. It also represents over four months of hard work that the teams have put in designing and constructing their garments. Fashion, cocktails, and fun…what more could you want?

Can you share with us some of the amazing interior designers/company’s that will participate in the second Product Runway?

Sure so to name a few:

JPC Architects & Statements Distinctive Tile and Stone
SKB Architects & Pental/Luwla
IA Interiors & Formica

So I have to ask, how did the vision for Product Runway come together? Was it around coffee with a colleague or…?

The idea originated about two years ago from Christina Stewart, last year’s Runway chair. She was talking with a colleague about a similar show in Denver that has been going on for a few years. Christina went to visit the show, came home, and said “We can do this bigger and better!” Last year’s show proved that, and we’re looking to make it even more exciting and entertaining this year and in years to come.

Probably not, but can you reveal the next season (not date) you are hoping to have your next event?

It’s too early to discuss Runway Volume 3…the show is such a huge undertaking that the entire team needs time to regroup after the show. I can guarantee we’ll be back, but we’ll need to recharge our batteries for quite a while first!

Erica, do you have plans to expand Product Runway?

Every year we’re going to try and make improvements to what we do and add twists as our attendees suggest them. For example, one thing we’re really excited about this year is the People’s Choice competition and our partnership with the Seattle Ronald McDonald House charities. At the show, people can buy batches of “votes” for $5 each to vote for their favorite garment 5 for 20. All the proceeds from the People’s Choice competition goes to Ronald McDonald House, a charity that we absolutely love. The winner will be announced the day after the show. So we will keep you posted. We are also collecting canned food at the door for the Seattle Ronald McDonald House. For every four cans a person brings they will receive one raffle ticket.

So your Emcee’s this year include several local fashion/industry leaders as well as your two primary’s Jack Mackenroth and Kevin Christiana. How did you go about picking your Emcee’s and can you tell us a little about them?

One of the biggest inspirations for establishing this event was Bravo’s Project Runway. So it seemed like a natural pairing to have Jack and Kevin participate in this event. Jack was a judge for Product Runway Volume 1, and we had a lot of fun with him, so it was great to ask him back.

People wonder, what did you look for in pairing your design teams together?

Teams were selected at random done at our Kick-Off party. Take a look at team BiNW-who is a commercial office furniture dealership paired with NEWH-a hospitality design organization.

Exciting, the 2nd volume of Product Runway is right around the corner! Tell us what your day-to-day projects consist of from here on.

Lots of phone calls, emails-oh my goodness the emails…meetings...more phone calls and more emails…twittering…

Like many people, you have a great team of women/men that help you each year put on the Product Runway event. Where have you acquired these leaders?

The leadership is all from within the interior design and architecture community in Seattle. One of the many things we are trying to do with Product Runway is to show that interior design is more than just picking paint and arranging furniture that you see on TV. Interior designers are skilled project managers and possess a wide variety of skills and creativity.

Despite the dismal landscape of today’s economy, the interior and architecture communities stay committed to keeping involved and boosting their profession.

Besides Product Runway what are some of your favorite events in Seattle that are fashion/style oriented?

Seattle Fashion Week
First Thursday’s
Pecha Kucha
Girl Power Hour
Any event held by LEVEL, another great organization of Interior Designers and Architects that raise funds to support the Seattle community.

We do keep our eye on fashion events, but we, interior designers and architects, stay plugged into local organization events in Seattle as well.

Product Runway

August 28th @ 7pm
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Product Runway's Blog

Let us know if your coming so we can say Hi!!

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