Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GBP: Vuesociety

This Tuesday we are honored to have Rachel from Vuesociety as our Guest Blogger! We were fortunate enough to meet Rachel on twitter ( do you see the trend here) and hit it off instantly over a cup of hot soup and coffee. Instantly appreciated her honesty, pizazz, and passion for all things in the fashion industry. Please be sure to add her blog to your list of must reads!

Shopping on a Budget. How?

We're on a tight budget right now. Differentiating what you need and what you want is just the beginning. It sounds so foolish and repetitive, but it is a task so simple that must be embedded into the average American consumer. In previous times consumer spending was more flexible. Now spending behaviors have drastically changed to accommodate harder times that are currently as we speak. While being style conscious, you can't fail to realize how vital it is to be sensitive to budget. Can you relate?

Begin by figuring out your most needed pieces for the fall. Work with your body figure and see what are some refreshers that can brighten your wardrobe. Classic items that will last season after season may be a start whether it maybe the LBD (little black dress) or some great pair of quality denim. Make your list and budget accordingly. Pieces like thigh-high boots or even shredded skinnies may be best to put aside for another economical quarter.

After choosing your top items that you think you will need for this coming season, take a look at how much you can afford to splurge. Investing is the key and don't forget that word. Buying many cheap, trendy pieces is only damaging your credit score and leaves you only to wear it lesser than you thought you would, so choose wisely.

Now to find your items, since you're on a budget your initial reaction may be to hit the lowest, bargain friendly fashion retailer available. Finding great deals at Forever 21 or H&M can be the way to go for some of you, but look at it this way; calculate the total cost including tax and divide it by the number of times you can wear the piece. If wearing it only a couple of times at the end may come out to be more expensive than purchasing that same piece at a mid-level retailer where there are higher quality products at affordable or sometimes pricey (depending on budget) price tags that will last you many more wears.

Or an option is to take the wanted items list such as trendy clothing (not your needed items) at low-cost retailers like Forever 21 and H&M because post season these items will end up at GoodWill. (Please note that it is still a wasteful consumption that can be utilized into buying your better needed classic pieces).

By hitting up your local department store or off priced department store retailer is a great start. Begin by finding sales professionals to show you quality pieces that will last you. At the end, it will be a more satisfying transaction than the ones ending up at GoodWill.

Most consumers fail to realize that investing and splurging a bit more on pieces that you will rock from season to season is a better steal than that $29.99 sweater you found on sale with garment care instructions that state Dry Clean Only. Sometimes, you will end up spending more on caring for the clothing than the cost you paid for it.

Calculating wisely and planning ahead is wise. With all the money you save at the end is a great way to hit up Happy Hour with your friends and brag about your latest splurges on pieces you SO NEEDED for this season and how you sacrificed trendy pieces to look great in this economical state!

Written by vuesociety

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