Friday, August 14, 2009

GBP: Style-ish

Sorry we didn't get this posted yesterday! Today's Guest Blog Post is from Tiffany of I am Style-ish. We first found Tiffany's blog via her tweets on twitter (promise we don't get paid to talk about twitter :) ). Instantly we noticed the intense quality of pictures she posted- not to mention the most adorable outfits she puts together! With a common appreciation ( rather an obsession) for shoes we find ourselves constantly checking back for her new finds! Please be sure to stop by and take a peek at her blog! In the mean time...enjoy!

Hello to all the fabulous Boutique Culture readers! I was so honored when Kim asked me to guest post on her amazing site and am so excited to be here. I am Tiffany, better know from my blog I am Style-ish. I write about how I stay stylish in Seattle and tidbits of fashion and style that I love.

I think we all have complained about the weather here and how we maybe only have a month or two of nice weather, but to be honest, fashion wise, I think our weather helps me be more creative in how I dress and I actually enjoy it. It’s so easy in the sunny climates to put on a dress and sandals and be cute but when it’s cold outside it’s much harder to just pull on something easy and be stylish. I always like to start with something simple like a sweater and jeans and then add to it not only for the warmth factor but also to make it more stylish.

Here are some of my picks for the fall picked from Seattle boutiques and designers:

The best and easiest accessory of them all is a scarf. When you walk out the door, add a bright scarf over your jacket and then when you get inside add it over your outfit as well. It will always adds a great touch to whatever you are wearing and I do love how it keeps me warm.

(Sway & Cake)

A white coat always looks fantastic in the fall and winter. I think what you wear over your outfit is just as important because you want to look great walking around outside as much as you do inside. With so many people that own black coats a white coat like this Soia & Kyo one will always make you stand out and you can wear it over jeans or a dress and it will look great either way.

(Bossi & Ich Ky)

I think we can all agree that cardigans are a must in our weather and I love the versatility of this wrap cardigan as you can leave it loose over a dress of wrap it around and wear over jeans like this model.


And the best accessory to have is a nice big black bag that can carry everything. I think the easiest way to stay stylish in the cooler months is to keep accessories on you so that when you are caught out in the cold or the rain you at least have something to add to your outfit. I always keep gloves, a hat and an extra scarf in my bag so having something cute to carry those things in is definitely a plus. I love the diamond pattern and the buckles on this JAS MB bag. It's also great that you can carry it like a tote or you can use the should strap to sling it over your body.


Well, thanks for having me, I hope you enjoyed my picks and keeps you staying stylish in the fall!

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  1. I am not from Seattle but I do love these tips! Great post Tiffany!