Friday, September 18, 2009

Follow Friday for 9/18/2009

(Photo: Flickr Jenni Penni)

It has been far to long since we shared with you a list of people we appreciate and/or think you should follow on Twitter! Because it has been awhile and we have been crazy busy,this list is a considerably longer then usual. Without stalling another moment:

Just a few who are supportive of BC in so many different ways (which we can't thank you enough)!

@jessestrada @agentnoir @clutch_22 @choosespun @alixrose @djsountrak
@seattle_events @birdiee @crafyasparagus @andrialindquist @strongwhit @lizbrown16 @vuesociety @saraanissipour @simchababe @youa @sydlovesfashion

Industry love:

@4starrs @mokshaontheave @katiekay @shoplarousse @shoptobi @sheboutique @cofcjeans @local35store @marialexandra @shopchantal @hayden_harnett @shrimptoncoutur @skinnypurse

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