Monday, September 14, 2009


A couple of days ago on Twitter we shared with you the sad news that a Seattle boutique favorite, Tweed had announced they would be closing their doors...for good. While the news brought exciting discounts to shoppers, it confirmed yet again that many of us have changed our shopping patterns.

As you may or may not know at Boutique Culture our goal is to increase revenue and brand awareness for local boutiques and designers whether that be via their brick and mortar or online presence. This being said we thought it was only fit to draw attention again to the 3/50 project, something we have mentioned to you before.

We are individuals who believe in taking one or two trips a month and stepping away from the chain business. Whether it is for a latte, shirt for date night, card for Mom, a delicious lunch with friends, or cart full of groceries we find ourselves drawn to our local business. Knowing the managers or owner by name we find these places comforting, and a welcome destination to accomplish a task or indulgence!

We have set a goal here at Boutique Culture to help us draw attention to the honest reward our community would experience by each of us spending just $50 either once a month or total for a month at a local business. Our goal is to add 100 local Seattle/Portland business's as supporters of 3/50 project by Jan 1 2010.

Each Monday we will share with you our own personal success for the week in supporting local business. We realize this is harder to do then one might think and for that reason will put our actions where our mouth (and heart)is. We will also share with you some of the business we were able to enlist in the 3/50 project.

If you are a blogger, friend from Twitter, friend from Facebook, or simply part of our growing family here at Boutique Culture we ask that you go the extra block on your way to pick up milk- so you can shop at the local market (who supports local farmers). If you enjoy your latte on Saturday mornings- try taking the route that is an extra 3 min bus ride so you can enjoy the hidden java house with it's mellow beats, comfy couches, and real cozy fireplace. It truly is up to the community to support these amazing locals in their quest to provide us with a unique service- and we don't have to spend more to do it!

We hope you will join us in our goal and would love to hear your experiences!

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