Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fall Denim Trends

With the fall trends popping up in fashion magazines, blogs, and even in some stores- those of us who are strategic about our seasonal shopping can begin to form our wish list of must have's and maybe's. If you are someone who plans out what key pieces you want to buy for each season, bottoms, tops, accessories, shoes, and even beauty products you know what type of obsession I am referring to. Our first glance for the fall is always at denim, because they are the one trend that if you stay neutral you can't go wrong. But this post is hardly about jeans you can wear year in and out. Rather pondering who will attempt at some of the edgy pieces that will be staring at us from retailers windows and websites across the globe. From the quilted/stitched knees with a no secret fit,to the making a comeback flared 70's blues, then the ultra DIY look of the shredded skinny jeans, to the marble/spray paint 80's denim. Not stopping there we have pastel denim in skinny cuts, to another DIY look of studded denim. While we find ourselves embracing the flare 70's blues, we can appreciate the many other options available, and are looking forward to some amazing outfits these edgy pieces will generate amoungst some of our fashionable friends. Be sure this fall to take into account your body type when picking which seasonal denim you wish to embrace! That being said, what are some of the pieces you are contemplating for your fall update?

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